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Windshield Crack Safety Tips

 Windshield Crack Safety Tips

Posted On 12-12-2015

The windshield is an important aspect of car safety. It is designed to protect passengers from the impact of outside elements. However, regular car use may cause wear and tear to your windshield, hence making it brittle and prone to cracks. It is therefore necessary to check and maintain your car’s windshield to prevent encountering safety issues.

Minor cracks on your windshield are not necessarily dangerous. However, when these cracks accumulate, they pose a threat not only to your vehicle but also to your safety as well. Here are some safety tips should you find any windshield cracks.

1. Evaluate the damage
If you find cracks in your windshield, you need to immediately assess the damage. Determine whether the damage can be repaired or if you need to repair the whole windshield. A small crack of less than a foot long can still be repaired. However, if the damage is longer (or bigger) than that, a replacement is more advisable. A bigger crack may impair your vision when driving and may cause accidents.

2. Consider short-term solutions
Avoid spreading the cracks in your windshield by considering short-term solutions. You can do so by temporarily placing clear tape on the damaged area — as long it will not impair or disrupt your line of sight. You also need to avoid exposing your windshield to extreme temperatures until the damage is fixed. If you have a cracked windshield, you need to drive carefully to avoid sudden jolts that may cause bigger cracks.

3. Have your windshield repaired by professionals
Repairing a cracked windshield at home is considered economical but you need to have the right tools to do it. More often than not, it is necessary that your damaged windshield be repaired by professionals. The main reason is that windshield repair and replacement are specialized skills and professional auto glass specialists are equipped with the proper training to do the job. Hence, you will be able to get good value for your money if you enlist professional help.

Your safety is the prime consideration when addressing issues of windshield cracks. Do not ignore cracks in your windshield to avoid further problems in the future.

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